Do you worry that your child is struggling in school?

Do you want your child to be challenged so they reach their potential?

Do you want the confidence to work miracles at home?

I know from talking to parents just like you that your child is your number one priority. Let me help you feel confident in all aspects of English so that you can watch your child turn into an English superstar.


What other parents say.

“Jill makes learning a much more enjoyable and exciting activity for children. As a parent, I feel I am investing in my child’s future.”

“My child really loves the games-based approach and it has definitely brought out her competitive streak. Learning this way works for our family and I can use the resources for all of my children.”


Join our next cohort

The next course will start in March. Join the waiting list by emailing with 'March Cohort' as the subject line, giving your name and the ages of your children.

The Education Effect will turn you into an outstanding tutor. No more arguments about homework - your child will love our games-based approach. And best of all? You only need to commit one hour a week.

This year-long course, aimed at parents just like you, will show you how to give your child the 1-2-1 tuition they need to help them achieve, exceed and excel. Instead of reaching into your pocket to pay other people to tutor your child, you will gain family time while helping them to reach their potential.

All you need to do is watch our webinars, listen to the podcasts, download the games and other resources, and get started. No prior knowledge is needed and if you have extra questions at any time you can ask in The Education Effect's exclusive Facebook group.

The Education Effect is particularly suitable for parents of 6 to 11-year-olds, but with expertise up to A-Level, parents with older children are welcome to join.

Only £11.50/$15 a week. You can cancel at any time... but we're sure you won't want to!

September: Create the ideal programme for your child

Webinar- Establishing routines
Bonus Webinar- Assessing your own knowledge
Podcast 1- balancing tutor and parent time
Podcast 2- promoting learning behaviours
Podcast 3- finding the right place to study
Podcast 4- using reports

October: Get your child reading

Webinar- Reading skills (inference, deduction, finding information)
Podcast 1- why reading at home is crucial
Podcast 2- applying reading skills during the bedtime read
Podcast 3- reading a variety of texts
Podcast 4- finding the right level of challenge

November: Words, words, words

Webinar- Spelling and vocabulary
Podcast 1- using phonics to help your child spell
Podcast 2- creating your own thesaurus
Podcast 3- the 50-word story challenge
Podcast 4- spelling methods

December: Become a Grammar Guru

Webinar- why the teaching of grammar can help those who need a clear framework
Podcast 1- using the Grammar Gang
Podcast 2- Standard and non-Standard English
Podcast 3- why creating silly sentences improves grammar understanding
Podcast 4- grammar for writing

January: Fabulous fiction

Webinar- planning a masterpiece
Podcast 1- 3D characters
Podcast 2-  perfect plots
Podcast 3- sentence types
Podcast 4- punctuation

February: Super storytelling and delightful drama

Webinar- storytelling and drama for learningPodcast 1- twisted fairytales
Podcast 2- poetry recital
Podcast 3- using play scripts
Podcast 4- storytelling evening


March: Enjoy and achieve with reading

Webinar- Reading skills (prediction, analysis of word choice, author’s intention)
Podcast 1- character study
Podcast 2- exploring themes
Podcast 3- making links between texts
Podcast 4- finding new authors

April: Terrific Truths - how to write non-fiction

Webinar- Types of non-fiction and their uses in real life
Podcast 1- reports
Podcast 2-  letters/ emails
Podcast 3- persuasion
Podcast 4- structuring an argument


May: Perfect Poetry

Webinar- How to read poetry and understand its meaning
Podcast 1- types of poetry
Podcast 2- structure
Podcast 3-imagery
Podcast 4- word choice and meaning

June: Time Travelling Tales

Webinar- how to take meaning from a text
Podcast 1- legends and myths
Podcast 2-  science fiction
Podcast 3- fables
Podcast 4- historical fiction



July: New voices

Webinar- Understanding an author's background
Podcast 1- Autobiography
Podcast 2- Biography
Podcast 3 - Making your opinion count
Podcast 4- Finding your own style

August: Stepping into the year ahead - beat the summer slump

Webinar- how to get your child ready for moving up a year
Podcast 1- Writing project
Podcast 2- Reading challenge
Podcast 3- SPAG
Podcast 4- take the year above challenge

Not sure that you can afford The Education Effect, but are still interested? Then apply for one of our scholarships. Applications must be submitted by midday 30th August. There are scholarships up for grabs, so download an application form now! (parents' form/education professionals' form) Email with your completed application or to ask further questions.

Do you know that with a little 1-2-1 each week, your child would find learning more enjoyable and engaging?

Child A

Your child had some time off school, and since then can’t seem to catch up. They have missed some of the basics, and you want to help them get back on track.

You want to know their strengths and weaknesses to help them catch up.

Child B

Your child finds everything at school easy. You know they can do even more than they are showing now, but they aren’t being pushed enough at school because you know it’s hard in a class of 30. You want to give them some 1-2-1 support so they can excel even more, but are unsure what that looks like. 

Child C

Your child isn’t a school lover. They fight having to do traditional homework, such as reading their school book. Your child has gifts in other areas like sport or art.

You worry that they are going to fall behind, but you are not sure what to do.

Still unsure about whether it is right for your child? How about starting with a game of Spelling Snakes and Ladders followed by Parts of Speech Pairs? Laugh along with gerbil Chika as he becomes a class pet and write about your pet's adventures from their point of view. Who said English had to be boring?

I created The Education Effect to help parents just like you support their child’s learning. Whether you are a seasoned home-school parent, or a busy working parent, The Education Effect can help you to broaden your knowledge of the English curriculum from primary up to Key Stage 3.

With so many tutoring businesses out there, which do you pick? What if I tell you that you don’t need to pay someone to give your child 1-2-1 support when you can achieve the same effect at home. Interested? Then sign up for one of our FREE webinars to get a taster of what is on offer.

As a private tutor myself, I know how to organise time effectively – and I will show you how to as well. Join me now to get started.

– Monthly skills webinars and live Q&A sessions
– Weekly podcasts and time saving tips
– Games, games and more games!
– Competitions, skills sheets and a bank of lively and fun stories.

Have everything you need for life for only £11.50/$15 a week. How can you miss the opportunity?

Join our reading webinar - How to use inference skills - and start helping your child today.

Don’t forget to download our FREE parents’ ebook before you join the webinar. Assess your skills, and start to make your plan of action.